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Permitted Development or Planning? We are often asked how
and why there are two different routes to getting extensions and
alterations done on your property. Unfortunately, the answer is
not a simple one, however, Plot74 maintains a good knowledge
of the current legislation and we can assist you in plotting the
best route through the regulations.


Planning Permissions

A question we often get asked is why do I need planning? Depending on the size and scale of the project you may be legally required to seek planning permission, though this is not always the case.  Obtaining planning has become more and more complicated, and while there a number of helpful websites that can assist you, such as the planning portal, every case is different. Simply put, the best way to understand the process in relation to your projects is to work with a professional person such as an architect or planning consultant. We see design as a problem-solving exercise and we often find solutions to problems that may not have been considered. Get in touch to find out more.

Building Regulations

Typically Planning provides the consent to undertake a build, conversion or renovation but it is the Building Regulations that ensure the building work you do is to the correct UK standards. All building work, with the exception of very small internal refurbishment projects, will require building regulations approval. At Plot74 we work with PWC approved inspectors, who like us have a very progressive view of the legislation and how buildings can be constructed.

Contracts Protect Your Investment

You may have heard the words ‘you don’t need a written contract’ or ‘we’ve never needed a written contract before’  but in our experience, this is exactly when you do need a contract. All too often relationships between clients, builders, engineers and architects can become stained and more often than not this is due to money issues. The importance of a contract that defines what work will be done, how much it will cost, and how long it will take cannot be understated. Without such an agreement, either or all parties could find themselves in difficulties both legally and financially.

CDM and Health & Safety

CDM (Construction, Design and Management) Regulation 2015 renders the client responsible for the entire design and build process and requires, in most cases, that a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor is appointed. A Principal Designer needs to be appointed at the pre-design stage and would usually be the architect. Plot74 has many years’ experience in this role, making sure that all work is undertaken to the letter of the law. Please get in touch for more information and we would be happy to supply a quote upon request.

Project Management

We offer full project management or assist only where required. This includes attending the site and any site meetings required and checking construction quality and compliance with the designs.

Upon determination of a successful planning application, we produce sets of drawings that include detailed building views and include precise dimensions and material specifications. This detailed information is needed for two reasons, firstly so that the project costs can be accurately priced and secondly so that the building regulations application can be made. Although there are alternative procurement routes that achieve building regulations approval we would always advocate this process as the safest and most cost-effective.

Contractors and Suppliers

The appointment of a reputable and reliable building contractor is also key to any building project. If required we can recommend builders whose work we know to be of a high standard. In order to secure the best price for the build, we can also manage the contractor tender process, making sure you have covered all the requirements of the build and avoid unforeseen costs down the line. With a wealth of knowledge and contacts in the construction industry, we can also advise on material suppliers, manufacturers and sub-contractors..

If you don’t know any tradesmen, then don’t worry we can find the right ones for your project. We have a wide and varied network of contacts from experts that can arrange finance to site labourers. We can supply contact details, or if you would prefer, make the introduction for you.

Structural Engineer

Usually, a Structural Engineer would need to be involved with any alterations to the dwelling’s structure. Design and calculations will need to be provided and we have the skills and personnel to fulfil this requirement.

Quality Control

Once the building works start on site Plot 74 Ltd would inspect the works periodically and depending on the terms of appointment ensure that the quality of the works and that the building is being built in accordance with the design.

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The information above is a brief overview of what we do, rather than a guide in its entirely. We will be periodically publishing articles on the benefits of Permitted Development, Certificates of Lawfulness and Planning among other subjects. Watch this space, follow our newsletter/blog or get in touch for more information.

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